Lesson Plan : Squiggle Stories

Teacher Name:
 Barbara Johnson
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Students will write stories about an illustration they have drawn from a single squiggle line.
 The focus of this lesson is good story writing. Focus will be on character development and setting. Students will discuss the importance of beginning, middle and ending.
 1. Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.\ 2. Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively. 3. Students write creatively to an assigned topic.
 1. Students will express ideas clearly in writing. 2. Student will write in complex sentences. 3. Students will use correct punctuation and capitalization. 4. Students will create original works as a means of personal expression.
 Students are introduced to a single squiggle line on the SMART Board, and are asked to complete an illustration of a character and setting.
 Using their newly constructed illustration, students brainstorm story ideas. Focus is given to beginning, middle and ending.
 Students are given their won squiggle drawing from which they will create their own illustration of a character and setting.
 Students may work cooperatively to complete stories. Students unable to use MS Word may use story paper.
Checking For Understanding:
 Two copies of stories will be printed prior to time period ending, one to take home and one for evaluation.
 Students will be invited to share illustrations and/or stories.
 Student stories will be evaluated using the following criteria: Were ideas clearly expressed in writing? Were complex sentences used? Was correct punctuation and capitalization used? Was there a beginning, middle and ending to the piece? Did the student write to the assigned topic?
Teacher Reflections:

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