Lesson Plan : Planning For Multiple Intelligences

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Yani Rachmanti, S.S
 Grade 3

 Workshop: Incorporate Multiple Intelligence in Teaching Elementary students [ This workshop is dedicated to the elementary teachers ]
 - How to be a smart teacher through multiple intelligence's theory - How to incorporate multiple intelligence into our teaching skill
 Through this workshop, we expect : - The elementary teachers will sense and conceiving the student's ability which differ from one to another and maximize each student's ability. - Improve the teacher's capability in teaching by applying multiple intelligence theory.
 - The Elementary teachers are able to maximize the student's ability and reach the student's best potential during the learning process in the classroom.
 Handout, LCD, Projector, Laptop, video, whiteboard, mini model class of teaching (role play)
 - Define the nature of Multiple Intelligence - Recognizing the effects of Multiple intelligence in Teachers´┐Ż learning styles on teaching - Discuss 8 ways of teaching according to MI theory
 - Explain the nature of Multiple Intelligence which effects our teaching style - Defines the lesson plan by applying multiple intelligence's theory - Teaching demo which is applying the MI theory
 - Create MI Lesson Plan - Create intelligence types activities: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, Bodily Kinesthetic, Spatial-Visual, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal activity.
 - practitioners and audience may facilitate or participate in the teaching demo
Checking For Understanding:
 when one of the teacher participates to demonstrates the activity according to MI theory, the audience and the practitioners may give input or feedback and discuss some problems which may comes during the activity.
 - Shares some tips in applying MI theory in teaching - Shares some technique which may help the teachers to reach the students' potential.
 From the explanation, discussion and on-spot practice, we can identify the successful of the teacher's learning style is depend on the teacher's lesson plan, the teacher's awareness and the teacher's creativity.
Teacher Reflections:
 From the lesson plans that the teachers have been made,we can apply those lesson plan in the classroom activity (based on the subject that is taught)

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