Gender Equality In School Lesson Plan

About This Lesson:

The main keys of the lesson focus on:

Gender discrimination, Sexual harassment,
Women empowerment,
Womens' education

Goals / Aims

1.Know about status of women in community
2.Deal about the problems that women's usually face
3.Involvement of women in various programs


1.To know the level of Gender discrimination
2.Can easily deal with Sexual abuse faced by women
3.Know about the conditions of other women's

Materials and Aids

Audio(cassette player), Books, Posters, Cards.


A. Introduction-

1.Asking objective type questions
2.Explain various pictures on the posters and cards
3.Group discussion

B. Development-

1.About 10 questions to the students, objective type
2.lecture on what the picture says, causes , effects and impacts
3.using cooperative learning strategies, discussion in group to know their view about the subject matter.

C. Practice

1.Project work:- Education status in their own family
2.Essay on Women Empowerment
3.Story on Sexual abuse

D. Independent Practice-

1.Students will find out the education status in their own house. How many of them are educated? What about women's education?
2.Write Essay on Women Empowerment. Why is women's education needed? including role of women's in a family.
3.Develop any story about a girl/women that she will face in school or community after being sexually abused.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Inquiry based learning styles
2.Using cooperative strategies
3.If required personnal guidance

F. Checking for understanding

1.Questioning and giving them effective feedback
2.Going through the assigned reflections.

G. Closure

1.Telling about the most important concept that were covered in the lesson
2.Asking what they got new to learn about


1.Through the assessments they have completed
2.Active involvement in various programs

Teacher Reflection

I would like to find videos or physical pictures that display emotions to give students a better understanding of the problem.