Lesson Plan : The Righteousness Of Job

Teacher Name:
 Amy Richardson

 Why was Job righteous?
 Job 1,2,9.15-22,40-42 Key Words: blameless, upright, integrity, fears God, shuns evil, speaking of God, bless/curse
 To engage student in their own discovery about the character of Job through appropriate questions of subject matter. To have students discover themselves within the Biblical text the answer/reasoning to the question.
 Looking for answer indicators from specific questions, such as what is Job saying here, does Job portray patience? Closer look at the text will show no, that Job did question the reliability of Yahweh and assumed he was unjust.
 Outline with fill in, that invoke and encourage each student to engage with the text to find the answer for themself.
 Description of the book of Job, genre, etc, following with what everyone thinks righteousness means in the context of Scripture and are to write that at the top of paper. Also, to write assumptions of the character of Job and the outcome of his story.
 Reading over the first two chapters, as a drama would be read to better understand, and experience the tone and emotion the author wants to express.
 To then read other main text in the same manner, thus to point to the importance of the literary aspects that embody the text.
 Looking at the final piece of text together as a group, to fill in the blanks and ficliate reading the text carefully, and what comes from that.
Checking For Understanding:
 So, then from the texts why did Job speak right about God, and was he really patient? He spoke right because Job talked to God in honest open dialouge, even though he questioned Yahweh's reliablity, it was done so in honest open dialouge in the context of trust and relatinship that conclude of his right speech of God.
 Assumptions that everyone has of the text are so common and accepted that reading the text carefully is crucial element of Bible study. Look at answer/definition that wrote at the top of your papers at the beginning of the study, how different are they from what the text actually says?
 From my previous Bible study, I saw major improvements in the organization, by including an outline,and allowing self discovery by the students was great. I also really enjoyed the questions that I had them respond to in the very beginning, which served as real eye openers at the end of the scriptural study
Teacher Reflections:
 sense I received most of the responses that I was looking for, I feel that I communicated what I set out to effectivly. But, I would definitly do it differently next time, and include more backgroud information of the book of Job, deeper defintions of key words, and a better explaination of the book and its separation of parts as a whole which seemed to lack from answers.

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