Lesson Plan : Cutting

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Tiffany

 These cutting lessons are the stages for most students. The students will begin to practice cutting with scissors.
 They will cut cunstruction paper, computer paper, play dough, felt material.
 The students will be able to hold the scissors correctly and ultimatley master their cutting skills.
 the students will be able to cut different types of textured materials. Some will be easier to cut than others.
 Pizza & Topping worksheet, the letter "B" template, playdough, peronsalized Bookmark" worksheet, felt material, car air freshners, scissors, glue, markers, crayons, computer paper, construction paper.
 I will explain to the children that we will begin to cut with scissors. I will show them myself how to correctly hold a pair of scissors and inform them they will be able to do the same.
 The aids and I will allow the students who have previously had practice with the scissors to use the regular scissors. The other children who are using them for the first time or who may need extra help, will use the that are designed with with extra holes particarly for this reason.
 I will give the students a practice piece of paper with one dotted line down the center and probe the studnets to begin independently. The students will attempt to cut out a piece of pizza.
 All staff must be present to asstist the students with their scissors.
Checking For Understanding:
 When it is time to cut the play douh, check to see if the students are holding the scissors correctly.
 The students will be able to decorate their book markers (that they cut out themselves) with their favorite stickers.
 - Are the students holding the scissors correctly - Are the students holding and turning the paper/material while cutting - Are the students able to cut on a dotted line accuratley
Teacher Reflections:

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