Lesson Plan : Japanese American Farm Tour

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Lareina A. Earls
 Grade 7-8

 Historic Japaneses American farm visit and essay project.
 Cultivate a cultural awareness in students of attributes and qualities of successful American farmers. Portray a sense of cultural identity and give a face to the people who were affected in California during World War II. Facilitate a fun learning environment for students to see cultural food crops and the techniques used to grow them efficiently. Short essay on what the student experienced and learned on the field trip.
 Students should be able to identify Japanese origin crops grown in California prior to WWII. Be able to identify the intensive techniques brought by Japanese immigrants before World War II. Appreciation of Japanese culture and food crops. Understanding the significant losses and resilience of Japaneses American farmers prior and after WWII.
  Parent carpooled field trip to OTOW Orchard and Farms in Granite Bay, California. Short film on Japanese American farmers contribution in California. Essay guidelines and format.
 Introduction of lesson with short film on Japaneses American farmers in California prior to World War II. Overview of Otow Orchards and farm. Discuss field trip essay.
 Otow farm family will lead guided class tour. Students will have lunch at the farm, incorporating at least one traditional Japanese food crop into their meal from the farmers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Essay will be revised one time by student with teacher's notes.
 Essay is 50pts total 10 spelling 10 grammar 10 completion 10 analysis 10 format
Teacher Reflections:

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