Lesson Plan : Privilege Walk

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 Grade 7-8

 Privileges and Differences
 Privilege Advantage Disadvantage Materialistic
 The students will gain insight of the lives' of others' as well as their own.
 The students will use the privilege walk to self-assess and participate in a class discussion of privileges. The students will express their feelings about the activity. The students will work in a group to answer and discuss questions about the activity.
 Privilege Walk Worksheet Questions for Privilege Walk
 Today we are going to discuss the meaning and importance of privileges, the difference in having and not having certain privileges, and how these effect our lives'. First, we are going to participate in a class survey. We will go outside for this activity. You will line up quitetly in front of the door to proceed outside. (Outside): Stay in your straight line, one behind the other. In this activity, I am going to read a statement to you. If the statement is true for you, follow the directions on how to move. If the statement is not true for you, stay still. There will be no comments, no discussion until we complete the activity. If you do not understand something, raise your hand or use your best judgement.
 Here is a sample question for you to listen to: "If you have ever been to another country, take a step to the right." I will take a step to the right because I have been to another country. If I had not ever visited another country, I would have stayed in my current position. Does everyone understand?
 The teacher will read the attached questions for the Privilege Walk. The students will move as needed. At the end of the Privilege Walk, the students will be asked to stop, look around, and reflect on this experience. The students will then line up to return to the classroom.
 The teacher will move any students needing accommodations closest to him/her. The activity will be moved to a different location as needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of 10 minutes, the teacher will ask that the Reporter from each group share a little about what his/her group discussed.
 The teacher will close this lesson by reviewing what was discussed, goals/objectives of this lesson, how it relates to their own lives' and how it can be used. The point will be made that each of us started out on the same line but in the end were spread out in different directions meaning we all experience different events, advantages, and disadvantages in our lives'. Many of the questions on the privilege walk pertained to materialistic things that do not make a person's character.
 The teacher will give the regular classroom teacher a lesson evaluation to be completed. The teacher will visit with the class again in 3-4 weeks to recap this experience.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will complete a self-evaluation on this lesson.

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