Putting Bullies In There Place Lesson Plan

About This Lesson: What bullying is, who bullies are, what you can do to prevent bullying.

Goals / Aims

1. What bullying is.
2. Who bullies are.
3. What to do if you are being bullied.
4. Who do you talk to. What Adults to you need to include in the conversation.


1.Define bullying
2.List characteristics of bullying
3.List ways to handle bullying.
4. Role play or mock situations were you simulate the process and how to handle it effectively.

Materials and Aids

Worksheets, handouts, signs or white boards.


A. Introduction-

1.The students will answer a T/F handout on bullying to open their eyes to what bullying actually is.

B. Development-

1.Discussion of the T/F handout will lead into explaining what is and is not bullying, what a bully is and ways to deal with bullying.

C. Independent Practice-

1.Students will get into small groups and act out a skit on bullying. The class will then explain how the skit showed bullying and what they should have done instead of being a bully.

2.Students will draw a picture describing either when they had been bullied, seen someone being bullied or had been bullied themselves.

D. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.Assignment will be read aloud to those who need assistance.

E. Checking for understanding

1.Class discussion on characteristics of bullying and what to do if you are being bullied.

G. Closure

1.Students will sign an anti-bullying pledge.
2. Students will take place in a classroom role play. We will put them in situations that are written on cards and as a class work through ways to handle each situation.


1. Students will create a list of characteristics of bullying.
2.Students will write a paragraph explaining what they will do if they are bullied.

Teacher Reflection

I will reflect on how the lesson went and changes that may improve the lesson. The most important piece that sunk in with students was the role play. I would expand that greatly, next lesson.