Lesson Plan : Picture-Taking to Learn Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 Eliza Howe
 Grade 5
 World Languages

 Beginning French Vocabulary: Basic Structural Items
 Vocabulary in the French language that is necessary to master in order to begin learning the language. Basic items like bathroom, chair, and window will be taught and learned.
 To master the meanings of fifteen rudimentary French vocabulary words.
 To demonstrate understanding of the French vocabulary words by matching the words communicated verbally by the teacher to the items around the school that they visually represent.
 A cell phone is needed that has a camera and voice recording capabilities. Also necessary are the vocabulary items around the school.
 The first day of the lesson plan will consist of introducing the fifteen new vocabulary words to the students. These will be taught using pictures and a definitions sheet handout. The first class will simply review the words, understand their definitions, and view pictures linked to the vocabulary words.
 The second day of class will utilize the mobile technology. The fifteen vocabulary words will be read aloud in French, clearly and slowly, and the students will record this oral dictation on their cell phones. They then will be asked to save this recording.
 By being in a group of two, the partners can help one another to correctly photograph all 15 items. Also, it must be made sure that each vocabulary word does have a visual representation in the school somewhere that is not difficult to find
Checking For Understanding:
 To check for understanding the pairs of students will display to the teacher their fifteen pictures and at each picture dictate, in French, the vocabulary word they believe to be associated with the picture. The teacher will mark how many pictures the pairs identified correctly.
 To wrap up the lesson plan, the students will learn their score on the picture-taking "test". The teacher will then review again the vocabulary words and their meanings, so students can become aware of any wrong identifications they have made.
 The most obvious measures of progress will be the scores that the students recieve for their picture-taking "test". This will show if they understand the meanings of the vocabulary taught. Also, progress would include improved pronunciations of the vocabulary words simply from having repeated exposure to the recording of the teacher pronunciating them. Last, this lesson plan should provide long-term memory of the fifteen words. This activity provided a visual connection to auditory learning in hopes that in the future the vocabulary meanings will be easier to remember.
Teacher Reflections:

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