Lesson Plan : Architecture: Spaces and Places

Teacher Name:
 Taryn Monarez
 Grade 5

 Architecture of the world
 Vocabulary: roof, column, balcony, facade, ornament, window, arcade, keystone, beam, monument, tower, tomb, palace Dicuss/learn about architectural creations of the world and of the past
 VA.5.4.1 identify the characteristics of artworks and artists from different periods of time, styles, and cultures. VA.5.4.2 describe and place art objects, artworks, and/or artists on a historical and/or cultural timeline. VA.5.4.3 describe how time and place influence meaning and cultural value in a work of art.
 Students will: 1)identify how the visual arts have a history and specific relationship to culture 2)analyze works of art that reflect different styles and time periods 3)demonstrate an understanding of how history, culture, and the arts influence each other
 pictures of all places being dicussed and examined (slideshow, powerpoint show) wordfind with vocabulary words coloring sheets graph paperpostcard puzzles create calendar to publish and distribute to class
 Begin with Q and A session to find out what the students already know. Where does architecture exist? Where did it come from? Can you name some buildings with unique architecture?
 Proceed to show students pictures, a slideshow or a powerpoint show of your own collection of architectural examples. (i.e. pyramids, parthenon, monuments, towers, ancient tombs, etc.) Teach new vocabulary terms that go along with each picture. See if students can identify these terms in each picture.
 Set up three stations around classroom and divide students into three groups. The first station is the vocabulary wordfind. Be sure all students complete and work together. The second station is a coloring project. Each student will use a pre-made color sheet with an interesting building on it featuring one vocabulary word that they must identify. The third station will be a creative station. Each student will use graph paper to draw their own "dream house". They must incorporate vocabulary words and use them in the drawing appropriately.
Checking For Understanding:
 Vocabulary Quiz Building Identification Journal Entry (completion)
 At the end of the unit, display a picture of any building and have the students start writing a story(2 pages)about the building. It can be about anything. (i.e. who lives there, where it came from, why it was built, etc.)
 See attached rubrics
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