Parenting While in the Military Lesson Plan

About This Lesson:

Deployment cycles and the challenges family face. Military life is difficult on all family members. Everyone makes sacrifices and needs to understand the concept of a positive family environment to be successful.

Goals / Aims

1.To teach parents the different challenges that face parents while in the military
2.To understand the cycle of deployments
3.Have a clear understand that children are directly effected from the absent parent and the relocation process.


1.To help children cope with deployment cycles
2.To provide tools to express their feelings.
3.To foresee the upcoming changes and have a plan in effect.

Materials and Aids

Calendars with special stickers
Envelopes stamps marker
Military Daddy/Mommy dolls


A. Introduction-

1.Many parents new to the military are unaware of the challenges that they face as a family. Each family member is effected due to a parent being in the military.
2.Communication is key to getting through a deployment.
3.Having fun activities on hand can help with children deal with the absent of a parent and in return help the active parent run the home in a more efficient way.

B. Development-

1.Parents can sit with children and decorate calendars. Find out what event the child is looking forward to and plan to have that day acknowledged.
2.When decorating the envelopes try to see how often the child is expecting a letter and explain the process for mail traveling over seas.
3.When taking pictures with the soldier, look over old family photos. Make plans to take new photo's after the deployment

C. Practice

1.Parents and children can mark the calendars with important events. Instead of counting down days till the deployment ends,it would be better to mark mid way point. Children can decorate the half way there month.
2.Allow the children freedom of creativity and expression through out these activities.
3.Use this time to learn of the services you may need.

D. Independent Practice-

1.Each child can self address envelopes and place stamps on them for their parent to mail back.
2.Children can take pictures with their parent and place in their military dolls.
3.If children have an new idea to add to the activity, allow for change if it's reasonable.

E. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.If family would like to place words of encouragement in the envelopes for the soldier to read.
2.If the military dolls are not age appropriate take pictures and display in homemade frames.

F. Checking for understanding

1.To teach the parents that children need an outlet to express their feelings about deployment and relocation.
2.What are the stages of deployment
3.What resources are out there to help?

G. Closure

1. Knowing the cycles before you go through them can help you understand what is happening and what you can expect next.
2.There are hundreds of programs that are available for support and activities.