Disability Awareness in Physical Activity Lesson Plan

About This Lesson: Students, faculty, and staff to discover and explore together the world of a disabled individual. To create an awareness of what the world is like from the perspective of a disabled person. How can we better understand what it takes to include them in our physically active lives?

Goals / Aims

A progression of activities from learning basic maneuvering and manipulatiating adaptive equipment to develop the skills to participate in small adaptive games and other physical tasks. After each day students wrote reflective paragraphs in their portfolios regarding their feeling and experiences


1.TSW select a equipment and define how that equipment is use.

2.TSW describe the types of characteristics and personality of a equipment user.

Materials and Aids

wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, variety of balls, scooters, television


A. Introduction-

1.TSW recall the proper use of wheelchair, crutches, and walkers.

B. Development-

1.TSW demonstrate the proper use of a wheelchair, crutches, and walker.

2. The teacher will show a video from the National Sports Center for the Disabled which will show athletes participating in winter sports. Special attention was given to the blind snow skiers.

C. Independent Practice-

1.TSW leave the physical education field for a water break, choosing one of the types of equipment to travel to and from the foundation over not the smoothest of terrain.

2.TSW chose a buddy to travel/escort them from the locker room to the physical education area ( 100 yards).

D. Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction)-

1.The students talked about people they know, family and friends that have disabilities and how it affects them.

2.The observed one student had eyes closed the entire way, and the other used verbal and touching cues to have them to walk safely.

E. Checking for understanding

1 The students talked about people they know, family and friends that have disabilities and how it affects them.

2.TSW answer some essays questions from the article about athletes motivation and determination.

G. Closure

1.TSW demonstrated understanding of the difficulty in performing the tasks. Students also reflected on the accessibility of our school facilities for a truly disabled person.

2 each day more stations were added or adapted. Students discussed the new challenges and also the concept of adapting games for different types of disabilities. In their daily journals students were asked to reflect on how their muscles felt from doing activities. Students were reminded to complete their journal reflections. We discuss our progress from start to finish. Students offered comments and suggestions on how to improve the unit.