Lesson Plan : The Four Seasons

Teacher Name:
 Ms Mason

 Theme 4:Seasons All Around
 Theme Vocabulary: rain, season, snow, sun, weather Story Vocabulary/Science Link: snow, dress, hot, raining, wear, weather Math: first, second, third, fourth, fifth
 Oral Language and Vocabulary: Follows simple one step directions, uses appropriate language to respond to questions, speaks in large groups in informal settings, Phonological awareness: listens for beginning sounds Math: Uses ordinal numbers from first through fifth Reading and Language Arts: Retells the order in which things happen Social Emotional Development: Cooperates with others Social Studies: Recognizes that clothing and activities vary depending upon the environment or/and activity Science: explores concepts abouat air Writing: Contributes to a shared writing activity
 Students will use descriptive words or pictures to illustrate the weather.
 CD: Seasons Oral language card 24 Rhyme and Chant poster 13 Houghton Miffling Big Book Weather Bear Math manipulaltives
 CD on seasons. Students will listen and chime in. Discuss changes we see during each kind of weather.
 Building Background: discuss different clothing for different weather Introduce vocabulary Read Science article: "What should I wear"
 Science cd - song: The seasons Students listen and pantomime
 Centers Writing: Children will make picture word cards. Blocks: Children will build structures for different kinds of weather. Listening: Children listen to cd/cassette with various sounds Art: Children paint their favorite season Science: Chidren use a thermometer to find out the temperature of hot and cold water
Checking For Understanding:
 Children dress the weather bear to match the season.
 Discuss clothing that is appropriate for particular kinds of weather. Record ideas on chart paper.
 Students can identify and name each season Students know that clothing must be used to suit the season Students understand that activities can be enjoyed in every season
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