Lesson Plan : Classroom Rules For The School Year

Teacher Name:
 M. Murphy

 Classroom Environment
 Discussing and learning basic rules to establish an orderly, safe and enjoyable classroom environment.
 Students will be able to understand that the purpose of school is to learn. Students will be able to make connections between learning goals and the environment necessary to achieve these goals. Students will begin to take personal ownership of, and responsibility for, classroom rules.
 Given information by the teacher, the students will accomplish the following during this lesson: 1. Students will identify reason for being in school, i.e., to learn. 2. Students will name some hopes and goals for the year. 3. Students will identify things needed to accomplish these goals. 4. Students will engage in shared writing of a chart of basic classroom rules. 5. Students will write and illustrate a short personal piece entitled: What I hope to learn....What I need to do...
 Worksheets, chart, pencils, markers, bulletin board/poster "School is for..."; typed scenarios for teacher to read aloud (pictures would be preferable if available) A back to school song
 The empty bulletin board/chart will be displayed for children. They will contribute their own perceptions to be written on the whiteboard. Teacher may also use a KWL chart as an introduction to this lesson.
 Teacher will make connections between the words and phrases written, showing that all students' contributions have something to do with learning. As a springboard for discussing learning, the teacher will read aloud various scenarios illustrating poor learning environments. (PIctures, if available would be a useful tool.) The students will be invited, in each case, to explain the obstacle to learning.
 Students will brainstorm answers to the question: "What rules do we need in this room so that everyone can learn?" Students will engage in shared writing of a poster which will form the basis of the class rules for the year.
 Some students will write text on worksheet, others will draw pictures, using a word or two of labeling.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review the following questions and complete the KWL chart with responses from the children. 1. What do you hope to learn this year? 2. Name some things we need to do in order to learn.
 Song/Chant related to theme: a simple back to school song. Children can listen and join in.
 The completion of the KWL chart will help in assessing the success of this lesson. The student discussions and reactions to quesions will also be an assessment tool.
Teacher Reflections:
 Were the children on task and engaged in the lesson? Were the resources effective? Did the children attain the objectives

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