Lesson Plan : Me and My Family

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Jarvio
 Grade 1

 me and my family
 mom, dad, brother , sister, grandma, and grandpa. Skills : speaking, reading, listening and writing.
 communicative aims: - Understanding the way words are written in English; - Increasing awareness about the sound-letters; - Increasing awareness about the importance of the family.
  students will have : - Become aware of the way we spell words; - Internalized the new vocabulary; - Personalized English through acting. Skills : speaking, reading, listening and writing.
 Aids : the handout, the blackboard, sheets of paper. flashcards, notebook, pencil , class cd, book( Sunshine for Baja , page # 7)
 Warm-up : The teacher greets the students and helps them release stress and focus on English. Also, as they have learnt the name of the family members, the teacher asks them about them.
 The teacher read "this is my mom, this is my dad, this is my brother, this is my grandma, this is my grandpa.
 Learn the new vocabulary : The teacher writes on the blackboard the new words : family, mother/mummy, father/daddy, sister, brother, grandmother . The students are asked to write and to spell the new words.
 Read and translate : The students are asked to read the lesson and then the teacher helps them to translate it.
Checking For Understanding:
 feedback : The teacher asks the students to say out loud one by one, new words in order to become aware of the way words are spelled.
 children draw a picture of their family
 initial : through "warm-up activity"; - continue : through analysis of answers, activities , observation, stimulation, error correction; - final : through oral feedback , written homework.
Teacher Reflections:
 The classroom : must be clean, comfortable and bright, the chairs must be adapted for the activity and for the regrouping of the children. Teacher's attitude : moves around the class, keeps eye con tact, focuses attention to whom is speaking, encourages and makes positive remarks, varies the tone of the voice, doesn't interrupt students rudely for correcting mistakes, smiles, encourages.

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