Lesson Plan : Weather Report

Teacher Name:
 teaching team eureka
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Weather related vocabulary, numbers, periods of a day, days of the week.
 As a goal, students will prepare a weather forecast and present it following the model from television news. The forecast will be presented in target language.
 The objective of this lesson is for students to use correctly weather related vocabulary, numbers, cardinal points, period of day and days of the week in target language.
 The map of country (or one of the countries in some cases) of target language, and weather symbols that can be attached to the map easily, TV set, CD with recorded video clips about weather.
 The weather forecast will be introduced by watching video clips, listening and reading of weather report. The weather signs will be introduced within meaningful context, inductively.
 Students will answer various content questions, do partial transcription, exchange information about different reports with chosen partners, and talk about weather in the place they live in.
 Students will do reporting about weather. They will prepare written report, which will be checked by teacher, and corrected if necessery. After that students will read the report outloud. As a final step they will oraly present it on the map in front of the audience.
 For students who show slow learning provide more individual practices with weather signs and vocabulary. also explain the importance of weather forecasting.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will, as a follow up activity, comment of what they have learned, and bring possible concerns or ask for additional clarification if necessary.
 Students will watch a couple more television weather report to confirm what is expected of them.
 Students will be graded on their writen report and their oral presentation. The reporet will be graded on correct use of grammar, vocabulary, or spelling. The oral presentation will be graded following direction and pronunciation.
Teacher Reflections:
 The overall benefit is that teacher show the learners what the improtance of weather reporting is, and how this lesson has helped them to do understand it and talk about it. The learners are trained to act as if they were really doing weather reporting as one does professionally using the reports from meteorolgy station. Learners should have enjoyed in this lesson.

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