Lesson Plan : Red Ribbon Week Activities

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Mutell
 Grade 7-8

 Red Ribbon Week Drug Education and Prevention
 Drug Education Drug Prevention Non-Fiction Reading and Comprehension Use of Graphic Programs to Create Persuasive Messages
 The goal of all red ribbon week activities is to help children become aware of the dangers in society as they develop. This lesson works towards helping them have an informed opinion on drug and alcohol use and abuse.
 Students will be able to read and analyze information contained in a newspaper/non-fiction article. Students will be able to analyze information in the article and express an opinion based on what they have read. Students will be able to create a poster using graphics and slogans to persuade people against drug use.
 Ventura County Star Article on Meth Use (linked under grade 8) Word Kid Pix
 Review with students the importance and relevance of why we have red ribbon week.
 Ask them questions about what they have learned in other classes this week. Ask them about specific drugs they have focused on. For students reading Meth Article give them an overview of what they will be reading.
 Using Vision- model steps of how to get to article- which parts to read. Using Word and Kidpix- model/remind students how to use word art, text tools, and graphics options in both programs.
 More time allotted for those students who need it.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will read and grade responses to article. Teacher will grade posters.
 Ask was there anything that someone learned today- that they didn't know about drug use and abuse? ( And answer any questions that may have come up in regards to subject matter discussed in the article.)
 Graded response Graded poster
Teacher Reflections:
 Will probably require separate periods. Much more time for discussion. Maybe read and share with a partner before written response.

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