Lesson Plan : Frogs and Toads

Teacher Name:
 P. Anderson
 Grade 1

 Frogs and Toads
 Life cycle, eggs, tadpole, froglet,
 Phonics/ Print Concepts: 1.A.K.a-g, Predictions/Prior Knowledge/Predictable Text: 1.B.K.a-c Comprehension: 1.C.K.a-e Listening: 4.A.K.a Seek Information- Graphic Organizers: 5.A.K Fiction/Non Fiction: 2.B.K.c Represent stories through pictures/words: 3.B.k, 5.c.k
 Childen will use prior knowledge and predictions to analyze several frog/toad books, complete graphic organizers, and use pictures and words to depict knowledge learned.
 Computer Program: Kid Pixs, Frog Books Life cycle chart/ Concept Wheel
 Show the students a small glass aquarium which has a tadpole in it. Let the childen look at and discuss what they see and know.
 As a group, complete a KWL chart about tadpoles. Each child's contribution will be written and labeled with his/her name. If there is a disagreement about the facts mentioned, remind the students that we can read to determine if all of our facts are true or not.
 Begin by reading portions of the following books: From Tadpole to Frog, Frogs&Toads&Tadpoles too!, Tadpoles. Point out facts that are similar/different to facts on the kwl chart, discuss word patterns, sentence structure,etc.
 The large collection of science books will be available for students who may have difficulty picturing the life cyle steps. For those requiring more assistance, life cycle pictures may be avaialable so student can cut and paste picture in the correct portion of the life cyle form.
Checking For Understanding:
 As each child completes his/her chart or wheel, the teacher will monitor understanding by asking students to verbally share what they are depicting on their papers.
 Upon completion of this activity, we will gather as a class and look at the previously completed KWL chart, making corrections if necessary and filling in the L portion. We will then finish by making a frog art project.
 The following day at center time, each child will have a paper with shows the stages of a frog and will independently complete the life cycle chart and will represent their life cycles with words/sentences. They may do this on the computer using KIDPIX program.
Teacher Reflections:
 This turned out to be a great lesson! It was interesting to hear the students "defend" what they knew to be true when completing the KWL chart. It was more interesting to see which ones admitted to being "wrong" about something they said at the beginning of the KWL chart. The pictures and words ranged from very simple to pretty complex!

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