Lesson Plan : Spiders, Insects, or Both?

Teacher Name:
 Ms. C
 Grade 3

 Spiders and Insects (EDITED)
 Spiders, Insects, arachnids, antennae, poisonous, silk, spiderwebs,skeleton, abdomen, cephalothorax, head
 Students will be able to identify the characteristics of spiders and insects. They will be able to compare and contrast spiders and insects.
 Given a Venn Diagram, students will compare and contrast spiders and insects with at least three characteristics for each. Given the Venn Diagram of comparing and contrasting spiders and insects, students will create and name a new species, using part insect and part bug characteristics.
 Venn Diagram Literature Book by Allan Fowler and other insect/spider books Materials for creating new species Fake bugs, insects and spiders
 Have students brainstorm a list of bugs that are familiar to them. Then ask the children if they know whether or not it is an insect or a spider. Then, read the story, Spiders are Not Insects by Allan Fowler.
 Discuss what we read in the story, Spiders are not Insects. Take out the fake bugs, insects and spiders and have the children look at them to help them see the differences and similarities.
 Students will be asked to create their own bug. They will have to make it a cross between a spider and an insect and come up with a new name for it.
 Different reading level books and pictures. Different manipulative pieces to use in their creations. Students can work alone or with a partner to create their "bugs".
Checking For Understanding:
 Once the students have created their own "bug", they will be asked to come up and tell the class about their creation and how and why it resembles a spider and an insect.
 Recap what is unique to spiders and to insects and what is common about them through class discussion.
 Students will be evaluated as they present their "creations" to the class. Teacher will use a checklist to assess students.
Teacher Reflections:
 How motivational was this lesson? What worked best for this class? What can I do to improve this lesson? What is the next step?

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