Lesson Plan : Building Bridges Teaching Tool

Teacher Name:
 Rian Acklin
 Grade 7-8

 Steps to resolving conflict
 Conflict resolution
 To take a simple playground conflict such as a swing, merry go-round...etc to teach conflict resolution in the proper steps and remain true to the conflict resolution process
 For students to understand they have to take responsibility for their part and they have to work together in order to come to a creative and peaceful resolution.
 Building bridges teaching tool, wireless microphone, sound system and laptop...etc.
 Rearrange seats so that the classroom is in a U-shaped form. Begin the class as usual with one good thing and focus question. Focus question is: When you have a conflict in your life, what steps do you take in order to resolve it.
 Have a discussion based off answers given by students on steps they talk about. Introduce the Building Bridges Teaching Tool. Have students pair off and then pass out different scenarios to the students that reflect various conflicts to resolve.
 Using the teaching tool show the students what the neccassary steps are when attempting to resolve a conflict. Step 1. Cool off. Step 2. Agree to respect each other. 3. Say the facts and how that made you feel. 4. Listen so you can understand. 5. Brainstorm ideas. 6. Pick solution together. 7. Conflict resolved.
Checking For Understanding:
 As we do with each session, we come back together so we can have a debriefing session of what we learned and see if the kids have any insights.
Teacher Reflections:

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