Lesson Plan : Diversity

Teacher Name:
 Rian Acklin
 Grade 7-8

 Cultural Similarities and Differences
 Diversity, similarity, diversity
 1.To help children appreciate diversity among their peers 2.See that physical features are the main differences and that number of things to be different is small, as compared to the similarities that we all share. 3.Children will build community by discovering their similarities
 1.To understand that physical features give us individuality 2.To understand the deeper concepts of similarities (i.e. social concerns)
 Black Board/White Board. Dry-erase markers or chalk. Wireless microphone, sound system, laptop...etc.
 1. Rearrange class room so that it is in the shape of a U. Asks students to state one good thing and answer focus question. Focus question will be: if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
 1. Allow each student to voice their answers to the focus question using the microphone. Hopefully the students will all want to change something surfacy such as physical characteristics. This will allow for the easier demonstration of similarities on more serious matters such as humanity, social and global concerns. 2. Take note of students whose responses are the same for the guided activity.
 1. Draw a Venn diagram on the chalkboard/whiteboard. 2. Students who responsed the same approach the board 3. The students are then asked questions in similar aspects to the questions attached. Questions will be changed to fit age appropriateness.
Checking For Understanding:
 Bring everyone back together to have a discussion on what they learned when it comes to similarities and differences
Teacher Reflections:

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