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Language Arts Worksheets

  1. Alphabet Worksheets- Student recognize, color, and write letters that are new to them.
  2. Alphabetic Order - Put letters, single words, and two words in alphabetic order.
  3. Analogies - Headaches are to analogies; as smiles are to water parks.
  4. Antonyms - This is a category we just started focusing on because of the new standards.
  5. Author's Purpose - Students determine the author's intent for their work.
  6. Capitalization - Students must capitalize letters in short and long passages.
  7. Cause and Effect - This is a brand new section for us.
  8. Clauses - Break apart sentences to learn to write stronger sentences.
  9. Cloze - Have students cloze the gaps in the reading passages.
  10. Complete Language Units - Over 320 grade (1-8) specific language worksheets.
  11. Compound Words - When two words form one word the funny really begins.
  12. Conjunctions - We use these to join words together and make sentences flow well.
  13. Context Clues - Find the meaning of words by looking at words that are near it.
  14. Contractions - Time to break out your (not you're) apostrophes. Get it?
  15. Dolch Sight Words - All the words plus remediation for each word on the list.
  16. Editing and Proofreading - We have you pick apart work and find all the errors that you can.
  17. Fact and Opinion - Determine if statements or thoughts are based on proof or just feelings.
  18. Figurative Language - We look at hyperboles, idioms, metaphors, personification, and similes.
  19. Grammar - An large assortment of grammar related worksheets.
  20. Great Authors- Worksheet that look at the most influential authors of all-time.
  21. Handwriting Practice - Practice your penmanship skills.
  22. Homophones - Has a student ever told you that they "sea" how you got the answer? We'll get that corrected for you.
  23. Inferences - Use facts to help form an informed opinion.
  24. Language Arts Workbooks - Gold members have access to complete workbooks for language arts.
  25. Language Arts Worksheet Maker - Platinum members can make a variety of custom worksheets.
  26. Letters and Sounds- We look at letters and how individual letters and combinations of letters make sounds.
  27. Literature Tie-Ins - Worksheets that related to specific works.
  28. Main Idea - Find the main idea of various sized reading passages. They range from three sentences to full pages.
  29. Paragraph Review - We get into organization of written works and topic sentences.
  30. Parts Of Speech - Adjectives, Adverbs, Mad Libs, Nouns, and Verb Worksheets.
  31. Phonics - Practice sheets for sounds and vowels.
  32. Picture Sentences- Match pictures to sentences.
  33. Plural and Singular Words - We work on the spelling and usage of words to describe groups and individuals.
  34. Poetry - We work on 17 different forms of poetry. Work through the creation of each poem style step-by-step.
  35. Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words- Exercises for understanding prefixes.
  36. Prepositions - A nice series of helpful exercises for you.
  37. Punctuation - We really hit commas hard. You would think we have something against them.
  38. Reading Comprehension - Short story, normal length, and elementary level passages and questions.
  39. Rhymes - We work with words that have similar sounds.
  40. Sentence Writing - Students create sentences using both singular and plural forms.
  41. Sequences - Students sequence events.
  42. Similes - This section includes metaphors.
  43. Spelling - Elementary and high school level spelling practice.
  44. Story Writing - Students create their own story.
  45. Subjects and Predicates - We work on identifying these parts of sentences.
  46. Synonyms - Elementary level synonym worksheets.
  47. Vocabulary - Basic vocabulary practice.
  48. Writing Prompts (Grade Leveled) - We feature prompts for all levels. They make writing fun and engaging.
  49. Writing Worksheets - Writing exercises.
  50. Word Walls - Grade leveled vocabulary words we have complete word units.

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