Sentence Writing Worksheets

We cover a wide range of skills here. Students create their own stories using plurals or singulars. We classify sentences, correct them, and compose them.

Avoiding Run-on Sentences
We go over this skill top to bottom.

Simple, Compound, and Run-on Sentences
We have you classify each sentence.

Correcting Run-on Sentences
Rewrite each entry to make it correct.

Writing Simple Sentences
You start by identifying the subject and verb.

Find the Correct Sentence
There are a bunch of run-ons. Find the correct sentence.

Combine Simple Sentences to Make Compound Sentence
This is an interesting worksheet that you should enjoy.

Simple or Compound Sentence?
Determine what happens in each we give you.

Simple or Compound
Classify the types of sentences we show you.

Compound Sentences With Conjunctions
This is an important skill.

Sentence Building Around School
Use school related themes to write your very own text.

Singular Sentences and Concerts
We start to ask you to write your own sentences.

Plural Sentence Practice
We practice using plurals in sentences.

Singular Sentences and Friendship
Write with the theme around friends.

Plural Sentence Building On The Move
We use words that are related to being busy.

Writing Singular Sentences about Lunch
Write your own ideas with an eating theme.

Plural Sentences and Sports
Sports related sentences that you write.

Picture Story Writing Worksheets

Try sentence writing using just a picture. You can also tell what happened before and after the picture.
  1. Baseball - Looks like they are playing a game.
  2. Bungee Jumping - Take a dive with this one.
  3. Climbing A Mountain
  4. - Broaden your horizons with this one.
  5. Graduation - Move on to the next step of life.
  6. Outer Space - Go to your outer limits.
  7. Pie Burglar - He's getting away with Mrs. Moore's pie. What happens next?
  8. Piggy Delivery - Pigs that are Milkmen?
  9. Running To Work - Somebody is late!
  10. Underwater - Dive into this one.
  11. Theme Park - Is everyone having fun.
  12. Winning - We won the championship.