Contraction Worksheets

Quick examples include: you'll, I've, and we'd. Contractions really take the significance of apostrophes to a new level. They are shortened forms of words. Contractions also, in most cases, involve verb forms.

Contractions account for the widest variety of misspellings in the English Language. Even Docotorates of Education and Medical Doctors have been caught in Interneational publications with using "you're", instead of "your". There was a similar case in 1989 that was in one of the largest medical publications worldwide that must have been reviewed by over 100 people, but never caught until after being published.

Change the Words Into A Contraction
These are great for students that are new to the skill.

Writing Contractions
We ask students to create their own.

Forming Contractions
This helps students work towards mastering this tricky skill.

Making Contractions
Take two words and make them into one. Sound easy, right?

Two Contractions and a Missing Apostophe
We ask you to condense the phrases.

Insert the Apostrophe
We thought this one was easy, but some children rush through the placement.

Correct the Contractions
Students turn to play the role of teacher.