Cause and Effect Worksheets

These worksheets help students begin to make inferences and work towards predictions based on them. This skill has become much more prominent over the last year.

Understanding Cause & Effect
Simple identification to get you started.

Fishing Fun Cause and Effect
Jeremiah and his friend go fishing. I thought that was supposed to be relaxing?

Writing the Cause & Effect
The topics is a bit more complex in this version.

Matching Cause and Effect
This format is seen very often on the new assessments.

What's the Cause & Effect?
These are very easy.

Vacation Cause and Effect
We give you the cause or effect and gives us it's counterpart.

Find the Cause and Effect
Match one for group A to an effect in group b.

Two Column Cause and Effect
This really helps with reading memory.

Cause and Resulting Effect
Please note that the columns are flipped on this version.

Late to School Cause and Effect
A story about Alisa and her rush to start her school day.

Sentence Based Cause & Effect
We try to catch students who don't pay attention by using two verbs.

Baking Cause and Effect
Baking makes for the perfect cause and effect exercise. I always ask why the food I cook doesn't taste good.