Compound Words Worksheets

Compound words are formed when two words join together. The word that is formed shares its meaning from both words. For example when we join the word "home" + "sick". We form the word "homesick". The word "home" usually refers to place we reside. The word "sick" usually means ill or in poor health. The word "homesick" refers to the longing caused by separation from your home.

Shaping Compound Words
Form a series of compounded words. A neat way to do it.

Seeing Compound Words Made
We offer up some visuals to help students visualize the words they are creating.

Make The Best Compound Word
This one is a bit more challenging. Make a word and then define it.

Compound Words Shape Challenge
Assemble new words while using your creativity.

Making Compound Words
Simple formation of new words. Assemble new words.

Combine and Define Words
A really good exercise for mind.

Compound Words in Sentences
Find the compounded word and then break it down.

Breakdown Compound Words in Sentences
These words are a bit more difficult for students.

Making Compound Words
A simple one to one word activity.

The Compound Word Match
Draw yourself up some new words.

Creating Compound Words
Postcards, rosebuds, and eyeballs... Oh my!

Matching Compound Words
Put two together to make one.