Preposition Worksheets

Prepositions link all types of words together and help them make better sense to the reader. They help us understand the relationship of objects. For example: The book and the table are in the kitchen. This gives you a basic understanding. If we added another preposition, it makes it even clearer. The book is on top of the table in the kitchen. We have a clear picture in our mind about the relationship of those two objects and their relationship to each other.

Spot the Preposition
We have you point out the prepositions and then use them in sentences.

The Object of Prepositions
Proper usage and grammar are required for this one.

Prepositional Phrases
We have you find the preposition and then piece it together with the object to create a phrase.

Beat the Clock: Preposition Quiz
Who doesn't need a quick quiz to use with their students?

Using Prepositions
We ask you to create and use your own words in a paragraph.

Match the Preposition
Plop the words into the passage to make it grammatically correct.

Prepositions: Mr Pea's Grocery Store
Describe the location of grocery items while using the skills that are presented in this unit.

Preposition Puzzles
Unscramble some words and then use words with proper grammatical form.

Prepositions Test
A great thorough test for the skills found here.

Preposition Word Search
A word search that can be seen as a review unit.