Conjunction Worksheets

Conjunctions are link words. The give fluidity to our sentences. The three most commonly used conjunctions include "and", "but", "yet".

Conjunctions In Sentences
We have you identify conjunctions and then tell us what gets connected.

Missing Conjunctions
Which word choice best completes each sentence?

Later Conjunctions
We look to see if you should use "if" or "unless" in each instance.

Conjunctions: Sentence Drop
Students really enjoy this one! So do teachers!

Putting Sentences Together
String the sentences into one.

Conjunctions: Combining Sentences
These sentences are just a tad longer than the previous version.

Fill in the Blank With a Conjunction
Decide which of the most popular forms of conjunction fit.

Conjunctions: Identification Exercise
Classifying the type of conjunctions.

Conjunctions: Combine the Sentences
We give you the words to use, you make it happen.

Verbs: Using - s or - ing
A conjugate verb worksheet that snuck it's way in here.