Parts of Speech Worksheets

We have a wide variety of parts of speech specializing printables. Topics are found on the left side. Loose miscellaneous worksheets are found to the right.

Complete Worksheet Areas

Words that describe.

Nouns and Pronouns
People, places, and things.

Mad Libs
An area that we are well known for.

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
Beginning, ending, and middle of words.

Our full action words area.

Individual Sheets

Identify and Tell What the Adverb Does
A very deep worksheet that covers many skills.

Find the Adverb and What it Modifies
The core curriculum highlights this skill often.

The Adverb and What It Describes
A common skill found on most ELA tests.

Direct Objects
Find the direct object.

Indirect Objects
Find both objects.

Words that have the same spelling, but different pronunciation and meanings.

Very similar to above.

Using Idioms
Let's see if you get any questions on this one.

What's the Idiom Mean?
I'm very impressed with this one.

Identifying Adverbs
Find the adverb in each sentence.

Adverb Types
What is the purpose of the adverb?

Turning Adjectives into Adverbs
We have you rewrite words to fit the syntax of each sentence.

Modified by Adverbs
Tell how adverbs change the outcome of the sentence.

Adverb or Adjective
We have you classify each in dueling sentences.

Comparative and Superlative Adverbs
Determine the affect the adverb would have on an object.

Adverb or Preposition
We move from adjectives to prepositions.

Adjuncts, Disjuncts & Conjuncts
Classify how each word is used.