Verb Worksheets

Verb worksheets include: Identifying verbs. Identifying present, past, and past participle forms of a verb. Verbs that agree with the subject or antecedent.

  1. Find the Verb! - Find all the action words in each sentence.
  2. Identify the Verb in the Sentence - Help the Men in Black find the alien verbs in the sentences.
  3. Where is the Verb? - We break out the rectangles for this one. Another identification activity for you.
  4. Verb Phrases - You need to find the main verb and any of that verbs helpers.
  5. Principal Parts of the Verbs - We compare verbs and classify them as either past or past participle.
  6. Past and Past Participle Form of the Verb - We have you determine all the different forms of the verb starters.
  7. Mixed Principal Parts of the Verb - We ask to write the past and past participle form of the verbs.
  8. Subject-Verb Agreement Version 1 - Circle what makes sense. The verb and the subject basically just need to make sense.
  9. Subject-Verb Agreement Version 2 - More lengthy text on this one. Again, make it, make sense. If that makes sense!
  10. Subject-Verb Agreement Version 3 - This one is a little more technical and provides many more samples for you.
  11. Subject-Verb Agreement Version 4 - Help make each sentence be clear by choosing a verb that agrees with the subject.
  12. Subject-Verb Agreement Version 5 - This one breaks the skill up into two parts and helps make it more simple.

Irregular Verb Worksheets

These worksheets focus on the use of irregular verbs and verb identification.

  1. Using Irregular Verbs - Complete each sentence by choosing verbs logically.
  2. Identifying the Proper Irregular Verbs - These definitely aren't average everyday verbs. Tenses do come into play here.
  3. Find the Correct Irregular Verb - We continue on our journey of random verbs. These come gaffs in the English Language.
  4. Writing the Proper Irregular Verbs - We ask you to provide the verb with these sentences.
  5. Using and Defining Irregulars - Find the proper verb and then classify it as a P, PA, or PP. They do have meanings. Just read the directions.
  6. Writing Irregulars - We prompt you for verb usage. You could also have students cover the options and come up with their own.
  7. Irregular Verbs with No Prompts - Make your own verbs. Place them in the blanks to complete the sentences.
  8. Defining Irregular Verbs - Find and label the tense.
  9. Replacing the Forms of the Verbs - This is a critical thinking version of the previous sheets we have been working on. If they are correct, let us know; otherwise fix them.
  10. Writing the Correct Verb Form - Think of a verb that would make the sense correct and make sure to use the proper form of the verb.
  11. Participles and Participial Phrases - A really well covered topic. This skill is often overlooked. When it is understood it is pivotal to the writing process.
  12. Participles Within Sentences - We breakdown the sentences to find key parts that can be understood for the writing process.
  13. Underlining Participles and Participial Phrases - These sentences are written for a slightly higher reading level than the previous worksheets.
  14. Participles and Their Compliments - We close out this topic with some longer sentences and neat scenarios within each sentence.