Literature Tie In Worksheets

Koala Lou Worksheets

Koala Lou was written by Mem Fox.
  1. Koala Lou Bush Olympics - What animals were in which events? This is some what of a reading comprehension sheet for the "Bush Olympics". Match the animal to their events.
  2. Koala Lou Cloze and Drawing Activity - This one has a few extra bells and whistles. This worksheet starts with a cloze activity. We give you the gap words to work with and then ask you to draw a picture of what happened.
  3. Koala Lou Crossword - We look at the vocabulary found in the book and see how we can work with puzzles. Enjoy this one is a bit long.
  4. Koala Lou Crossword Answers
  5. Koala Lou Measurement - Measure the jumps of all the animals with a ruler.
  6. Koala Lou Mothers - Related your mother to Koala Lou's
  7. Koala Lou Word Search - A quick word puzzle for you. All the words are themed to the Koala Lou title.

Wombat Stew Worksheets

Wombat Stew was written by Marcia Vaughan.
  1. Wombat Stew Scrambled Words -A fun word puzzle that is related to the work "Wombat Stew".
  2. Wombat Stew Cloze -Complete each sentence using the prompted theme words that we provide you with in the "Cloze Word Bank".
  3. Wombat Stew Sentences and Opposites - This one covers a wide range of skills. This worksheet covers too many skills to list. See any patterns in the sentences? It's almost in poem form.
  4. Wombat Stew Book Review - An outline to review the book for you.
  5. Wombat Stew Puzzle - This word puzzle is fun for most students. We use a cryptogram format to work it through.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Worksheets

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was written by C.S. Lewis.
  1. A Word Path - This is a neat sort activity. Find the words related to the book. We provide the words for you. You could always cover them to add a challenge.
  2. Wordsearch - This is a neat one! Where does each piece belong (cupboard, castle, or forest)? A great skill review.

Possum Magic Worksheets

Possum Magic was written by Mem Fox.
  1. Possum Magic Fill the Gap Cloze - We help you with the gap words. Use the prompted words, at the bottom, for each cloze blank. This is a prompted and aligned piece of work.
  2. Possum Magic Reading Comprehension - These are great follow up questions when you finish reading "Possum Magic".