Literature Tie In Worksheets

Koala Lou Worksheets

Koala Lou was written by Mem Fox.
  1. Koala Lou Bush Olympics - What animals were in which events?
  2. Koala Lou Cloze and Drawing Activity - This one has a few extra bells and whistles.
  3. Koala Lou Crossword
  4. Koala Lou Crossword Answers
  5. Koala Lou Measurement - Measure the jumps of all the animals with a ruler.
  6. Koala Lou Mothers - Related your mother to Koala Lou's
  7. Koala Lou Word Search

Wombat Stew Worksheets

Wombat Stew was written by Marcia Vaughan.
  1. Wombat Stew Scrambled Words
  2. Wombat Stew Cloze
  3. Wombat Stew Sentences and Opposites
  4. - This one covers a wide range of skills.
  5. Wombat Stew Book Review - An outline to review the book for you.
  6. Wombat Stew Puzzle

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Worksheets

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was written by C.S. Lewis.
  1. A Word Path - This is a neat sort activity.
  2. Wordsearch

Possum Magic Worksheets

Possum Magic was written by Mem Fox.
  1. Possum Magic Fill the Gap Cloze - We help you with the gap words.
  2. Possum Magic Reading Comprehension