Inference Worksheets

Form opinions and make proper assertions based on facts. This an essential skill for current and future standards. Prepare to see this kind of work much more often as it reflects real world situations.

Inspector Inference
One of the cutest concepts we had and ran with.

Inference Game Show: What's my job?
Follow Claire, Clive, and Poppy as they take part in an inference based TV game. Really? Really?

Spot the Inference
This is exactly the type of thing we have been seeing come and open up over the last few years.

What is the Inference?
This is somewhat of a quiz. It makes for a good review.

Use the Clues: Understanding Inferences
We have you rewrite an entire story only citing the facts.

Inference Quiz
We have you think deep for this one. Use other parts of the story to tell you the answer.

Reading Inferences: Who's Who?
We love this one! It's really a great one!

Using Inferences: Where are we?
Find the place of the stories.

Inferences: Hobbies
Try to figure out James, Lucy, and Rachel's favorite hobbies.

Using Inferences to Write Stories
Find the five Ws of the story to make perfect sense of where it is going.

Inferences: The Mystery Box
We really want to know what is in the box. See if you can figure it out!