Rhymes and Rhyming Worksheets

Words that have similar word sounds are said to rhyme. In this section we are going to work with words that rhyme in a variety of ways.

Finding Rhymes in Sentences
We give you sentences plagued with multiple rhyming words and ask you to point them out.

Rhyming Words Dynamic Circles
This always seems to be everyone's favorite.

Making Rhyming Words
This worksheet is part creativity and part magic.

Find all the Rhyming Words in a Sentence
We just tried to pack more rhymes in this one.

Things That Rhyme
Match pictures of items or entities that rhyme.

Rhyming Picture Words
Instead of two choices we move to a matching format for you.

Line Matching Rhyming Words
We shuffle the words over long matching columns.

Short Matching Rhyming Words
A basic rhyming word match.

Simple Rhyming Words
This is geared to your Preschool aged child.

Long Line Rhyming Words
A refresh of the above with bigger vocabulary words.

Find the Rhyming Words
This one is very simplistic. As basic as basic can get.