Plural and Singular Words Worksheets

Nouns that involve counting to any degree can come in singular or plural form. When we are describing or discussing a single entity or object, we use the singular form. When we are referring to more than one, we use the plural form. For example, if we were referring to one animal we would use the word cat. If there are more than one of these animal, we would use the word cats. The most common form (regular) of change from singular to plural just involves the use of adding an -es or -s. In many cases this is not the only way to achieve this as you will see in these exercises.

Understanding Singular Nouns and Plural Nouns
This is great as an introductory worksheet.

Writing Plurals In Sentences
We ask you to provide the missing word in plural form.

Using Plurals in Context
This is more of a visual conversion.

Changing Between Singular and Plural Nouns
A super simple conversion for you.

Irregular Plural Nouns
We work on words that we can't simply add an -s or -es to.

Using Singular and Plural Form In Sentences
Circle the word that properly completes each sentence.

When to Use the Plural Form
Very similar to the above sheet. Just a slight twist.

Correctly Using Plurals
This works great to reinforce spelling plural words too.

Perfect Plurals
Decide the best way to complete the sentences properly.

Plural Nouns In Use
We give you singular -y words. Drop it and add -ies.

Creating Plural Nouns
Similar to the previous sheet, we just really want to cover this well.

Plural Nouns
This alternates between converting between both versions of the word.

Plural Sentences and Sports
Write some sentences and use the words proper in context.

Plural Sentence Building On The Move
These are plural verbs that we ask you to use.

Plural Sentence Practice
These are pretty random.

Easter Related Plural Nouns
We do everything while relating it to a religious holiday.