Analogy Worksheets

Analogies are compare the relationship between two things based on their similarities and differences. It takes the concept of comparing and contrasting to the next level. For example, black is to white as night is to _______. The SAT really started to focus on this skill and it has made it's way into the CORE curriculum.

Common Analogies
A great way to get them started on the skill.

Creating Analogies
You matched analogies. Now make your own.

Explaining Analogies
We take you a step further and ask you to explain yourself.

Noun Based Analogies
All involve a person place or thing.

Odd Analogies
The words are a bit more foreign to students.

Thing Based Analogies
Kids enjoy this one more.

Make Your Own Analogy
A really fun way to review analogies.

Creating Interesting Analogies
Write your own based on the first relationship you are given.

Interesting Analogies
These are a little out there to stimulate critical thinking.

Thinking About Analogies
Ponder these concepts. They can be tricky.

Common Place Analogies
Make for a great introduction.

Hard Analogies
For your upper level students.