Order of Events and Sequence Worksheets

These worksheets will mess with your head a bit. We provide you a story and then some bits of the story that you need to put back in the order they were presented to you with. Please note that the answer keys for everything can be found below.

Cameron the Relay Machine - Understanding Story Sequence
Cameron has a great time in the pool, but his story is all out of whack. See if you can help him piece it together.

Mr. Matters and His Morning Exercises
This worksheets practices keep track of a reading sequence. Mr. Matters gets some bad news from the doctor, it's time for a lifestyle change.

Which Way Did It Happen?: The Mean Girl
The young girl that is just not happy or nice to anyone.

Life Before Humans Roamed the Earth
A fictional story that tells a tall tale about animals working together to overcome adversity.

The Bronx Zoo Trip
A field trip to the zoo... What could be better? This is a fairly uneventful trip.

Kayla Becomes a Superstar
Kayla's wish comes true and she gets a chance to rock out!

Mayor Nate's Replacement
The mayor gets to choose his replacement as he leaves office. There is tight competition.

A Genie Named Janie
Our first of the three wishes is for you to put the the story in proper chronological order.

Battle of the Kid Bands
Time to go hear our favorite band play. Or is it see them play?

Coach's Son and the Big At Bat...
All year the coach's son felt left out. Now was his time to shine. See if he pulled it off.

The Sad Rainbow
We follow the journal of a rainbow. This is a fun one for you.

I Saw Aliens From My Trampoline!
This is a funny mixed up story for you. See if you can make sense of it.

When Lightening Strikes!
the weather swings out of control very quickly and one family finds themselves wondering if they'll see tomorrow.

Baseball's Practical Jokers
This is a bit of fun for you.

Dirt Bike Danger!
A really bad day at the dirt bike track as a racer gets injured.

Order of Events Answer Keys

  1. Cameron the Relay Machine
  2. A Genie Named Janie
  3. Baseball's Practical Jokers
  4. Battle of the Kid Bands
  5. Coach's Son and the Big At Bat...
  6. Dirt Bike Danger!
  7. I Saw Aliens From My Trampoline!
  8. Kayla Becomes a Superstar
  9. Life Before Humans Roamed the Earth
  10. Mayor Nate's Replacement
  11. Mr. Matters and His Morning Exercises
  12. The Bronx Zoo Trip
  13. The Sad Rainbow
  14. When Lightening Strikes!
  15. Which Way Did It Happen?: The Mean Girl

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