Order of Operations Lesson Plans

  • Basic Algebra- In the first lesson, you learned that numbers and variables form sentences, or algebraic "expressions."
  • Bowling Over the Order of Operations - After learning how to solve equations using the order of operations, students will use their skills to create equations that will "knock down bowling pins".
  • Domino Math- By making dominoes with different combinations of addition and multiplication problems, students will use a familiar game to learn math skills. Students will build skills in math by matching the answers.
  • Equivalent or Non-Equivalent - Students will be able to identify and construct equivalent sets.
  1. Everything Balances Out in the End - Students will balance shapes on the pan balance applet to study equality, essential to understanding algebra. Equivalent relationships will be recognized when the pans balance, demonstrating the properties of equality.
  2. Order of Operations - TLWD application of order of operations by solving problems using the correct order of operations.
  3. Order of Operations- To use grouping symbols and the standard order of operations to simplify numerical expressions.
  4. Order of Operations- Using "PEMDAS"
  5. Order of Operations Bingo - Instead of calling numbers to play Bingo, you call (and write) expressions to be evaluated for the numbers on the Bingo cards. The operations in this lesson are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. None of the expressions contain exponents.
  6. Order Of Operations Worksheets