Free Order of Operations Worksheets

Students work through a number of basic worksheets and then advance to four and five step operations.

The Basics

Advanced Level

A great reference sheet to have handy when learning this process.

Order of Operations Puzzle
Figure out which equation matches the outcome.
Order of Operations Guide to Simple Problems
A 3 page step-by-step walk through. Great for new learners.
Decimals with No Negative Numbers
We go all decimal on you.
Step By Step Operations (Larger Numbers)
We use much larger numbers here.
Order of Operations (Decimals with No Negative Outcomes)
If this is your first time with decimals, start here.
Addition and Subtraction Only
We focus on specific operations in this column.
All Operations; No Parenthesis or Exponents
This is an all out no holds barred sheet.
Addition and Multiplication Only
Sums and products give us a bit of a challenge.
Order of Operations with Exponents
This does not include all parts of the system.
Addition and Division Only
Practice with just sums and quotients.
Order of Operations with Parenthesis
Great for practicing with brackets.
Division and Subtraction Only
For some odd reason, we find that children have the most problems with these operations.
Order of Operations with Parenthesis and Exponents
We include all operations in this one.
Multiplication and Subtraction Only
Products and differences only.
Finding the Solution to Your Problems (Complex)
Match the solution to the starting problem.
Division and Multiplication Only
They seem to fly through this one.
Circle or Square (Complex Operations)
We're on the hunt for operations below 16.
Finding the Solution to Your Problems (Simple)
Match the outcome to the problem by drawing a line.
Order of Operations with Fractions
We introduce fractions to work with.
Circle or Square (Simple Operations)
You draw figure based on the operations you work with.
Crazy Order of Operations (Decimals and Fractions)
This is about as difficult as it gets in this section.
Create your Own Order of Operations Worksheet
This is a fun cooperative activity for your students.

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