Applied Math Lesson Plans

  • Attribute Blocks - Familiarizing the students with the different shapes and sizes found in the shapes provided.
  • Bridge Building - This activity was the culmination of a several-week-long lesson on bridges and the forces acting upon them.
  • Collecting and Analyzing Data - This project requires students to conduct a statistical investigation to determine some typical characteristics of students in their class.
  • Counting Principles and Probability - Calculate the odds of an event occurring. Determine and justify the validity of a probability.
  • Extending the Number System - Model situations with integers.
  • Graphing and Probability - Students will graph, classify, count, round, use probability, ratios, and estimating.
  • Graphing Your Students' Favorite Music - TSW be able to demonstrate understanding of collecting, organizing and analyzing information.
  • Input Output Rules and Functions - Students will use story problems to solve for missing numbers and rules/functions in an input/output table.
  • Insect/Spider Place Value - Continuing to use insects and spiders as a theme, the students learn about place value. Since they are so connected to this theme, the concept will become more meaningful and thus, be more easily internalized.
  • Let's Do Business - The topic of this lesson is to create a entrepreneur mind set in the students. (2 week lesson)
  1. Manipulating Formulae...Using Recipes To Understand- The student will develop a tentative understanding of writing and using formulae.
  2. Microsoft Excel Budget Project - Students will use Microsoft Excel to create a spreadsheet to calculate the information.
  3. Place Value In Number Systems - Use models to explain how the number system is based on 10 and identify the place value of each digit in a multi-digit numeral.
  4. Percent: Using the Proportion Method - Students will apply prior knowledge of solving a proportion problem to solving a percent problem: finding the part.
  5. Processes of Design/Engineering 1 - Students will use drafting tools appropriately with increasing skill and precision.
  6. Scale Factor - The learner will understand and apply scale factor in all applicable situations.
  7. Who Wants Pizza? Fraction - Using technology,have the children identify properly how they have divided their pizza both orally and written using fractions.