Basic Math Operations Lesson Plans

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  • Addition and Subtraction Practice - Students will be able to explain what carry forward and what borrow means in relation to math.
  • Card Play - The ability to use mental math and come up with problem solving techniques.
  • Comprehension: Stripes - Learners will demonstrate their ability to read, solve, and represent addition story problems by using the circle drawing technique.
  • Division For Third Graders- To use measurement to demonstrate division.
  1. Easter Egg Hunt- This lesson uses plastic eggs to help students learn how to solve word problems.
  2. Establishing Base line Math Skills - Determine student's ability in solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.
  3. Estimation- Working off the game of estimating the number of objects in a large jar, students practice estimation skills.
  4. Expressions from Sentences- Learn to turn word sentences into algebraic expressions.
  5. Help students stay focused on long division problems- I expect them to write down the D,M,S and down arrow right next to every single division problem that they have to solve.
  6. Increasing Speed with Addition and Subtraction - Increase your speed and accuracy week to week.
  7. Integers: Quick, Fun, Easy to Learn -This will give the students the knowledge to extend the whole number system in both directions as well as magnitude.
  8. Introduction to Problem Solving- The students will be able to read, organize, and solve a word problem.
  9. Kindergarten Math Lessons to meet CA Standards- Students sort and classify objects.
  10. Magic Squares = Unknowns - Using literature and the topic of magic squares, students will be introduced to finding unknowns.
  11. Multi-Step Math Problems- Students will be able to read and determine which mathematical process to use in solving a multi-step problem.
  12. Multiplication Grouping - The goal for this lesson is for students to understand how addition and multiplication go hand and hand.
  13. PIG/HOG- PIG is an addition game, played between two or more students (but they CAN play alone!). Sometimes I have the whole class play & I keep score.
  14. Problem Solving Techniques- Solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts.
  15. Steps To Reading Math Problems - Given word problems, students will identify the sequence of events, using the words first, next, and then to find solutions to the problems.
  16. Tip for long division- When teaching long division, students often forget what to do next after they bring down a number.
  17. To regroup of NOT to regroup - SBAT understand when regrouping is necessary and when it is not.