Lesson Plan : Comprehension: Stripes

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Ritzer
 Grade 1

 Math: Addition with Circle Drawings *Represent and solve addition story problems with circle drawings *Key Terms: more, add, partner, circle drawing, and total
 5.03 Model, write, and evaluate simple number sentences (equations) to develop an understanding of equality. 5.04 Determine and justify the value of the unknown in simple number sentences using models and symbols.
 The purpose of this lesson is for the students to gain a better awareness on solving and representing addition story problems with circle drawings.
 Learners will demonstrate their ability to read, solve, and represent addition story problems by using the circle drawing technique.
 Pencils Overhead Projector Transparent counters
 The purpose of this lesson is for the students to gain a better awareness on solving and representing addition story problems with circle drawings.
 Before turning my class loose to do the work I will first model to the task. As whole class instruction, I will present a word problems to the class. During this I will have my students draw a picture to solve the word problem for about one minutes. ****Student Practice before the second part of modeling**** Once my students do the guided practice (see below) I will present the same problem again. This time I will use my overhead projector and draw my simple circles. I will be modeling to my students how the circles can be used to represent the castles. *I draw four circles for the king, then just make a vertical line and draw two more circles for the queens castles. I write down the numbers above each group of circles to make a number sentence.
 Word Problem: * The Kind has 4 castles. * The Queen has 2 castles. * How many castles do they have altogether? Once they are done, I will then talk about ways to represent the problem using pictures. I will help my students see that it is not needed to draw every castle. I will offer the chance for my students to suggest ways that will make it easier to represent the castles. I will point out that just by drawing with simple shapes, such as circles will save time. *****This part corresponds with the second part of my development******* After I draw my example on the overhead, my students will make their own at their desk. Students records the number sentences above their circles.
 For those students that are having difficulties, I will use counting chips as a representation of the castles. For those students who need to be challenged, I will present the word problem to them and they will have to read and hunt for the number words to solve the problem.
Checking For Understanding:
 When looking at their workbook pages and whole class work, I will see if they are: does their number sentence match the number of circles in their drawings? Did they write the total number of circles?
 This activity will continue on into centers around the classroom. However, we will talk about how it is easy to show our work when working with math word problems.
Teacher Reflections:
 This will be extended into a various center based activities. The students work will help me see who needs more support and those who need to be challenged.

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