Lesson Plan : To regroup of NOT to regroup

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Lagos
 Grade 4

 To regroup or NOT to regroup in two digit adding.
 SBAT understand when regrouping is necessary and when it is not.
 SWBAT demonstrate understanding of/ability to add two digit numbers with regrouping with 90% accuracy. They will continue to bulid on the skill by playing the regrouping game.
  Chalk, math book, paper,pencils,two number cubes, and paper for each pair of students.
 Today we will be learning about regrouping with two-digit numbers. After we mastery this objective with 90 percent accourancy we will play a game to help us continue the understanding.
 The teacher will review counting using base ten manipulatives. Teacher will then demonstrate adding two-digit numbers on the board using base ten manipulatives. After finishing, the teacher will ask the students questions about adding two-digit numbers.
 Gudied Practice:The teacher will model adding two-digit numbers on the board using base ten manipulatives and then by going over the problems on page 157. The teacher will select a few students to come to the board to add two-digit numbers.
 For my two MR students (Zaire and Gregory) I will have them use the phase ten blocks and have them practice making groups of 5, 10, 15, and 20. After that I will have them practice adding single digit numbers, adding up to ten only.
Checking For Understanding:
 After your students have a basic knowledge of regrouping, have them get in pairs and play this game. The first student rolls the number cubes and calls out the number he/she has rolled (i.e. if he/she rolls a 2 and an 8, he/she would call out either 28, or 82). The students both write this number on their papers. The first student then rolls both number cubes again and repeats the process for the second addend. Then both students decide if they must regroup to solve the problem. They solve it together.
 17 out of 20 students will correctly add 90% of the problems on pages 159-159.
 As a follow up discussion, I ask my students to recognize a pattern as to when they had to regroup and when they didn't. They should derive that when they choose the higher numbers to be in the ones place, they must regroup.
Teacher Reflections:
 I think the leson went well. However I felt as though I could have better prepared for my MR students. I think this will come more natural as the year progresses.

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