Lesson Plan : Multiplication Grouping

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Fritschler
 Grade 3

 In this lesson, the students will learn how grouping relates to multiplication.
 Multiplication Addition Grouping
 The goal for this lesson is for students to understand how addition and multiplication go hand and hand.
 -Students will be able to group items and make number sentences according to the groupings. -Students will be able to read and understand word problems. -Students will understand the difference between 2x6 and 6x2. -Students will be able to apply their knowledge of addition and make connections to multiplication.
 -unifix cubes or base-ten unit blocks -pencil -paper -white boards -expo dry erase markers
 I will write the following word problem on the board: At the pet store there were two aquariums. Each aquarium had six fish it. How many fish were in the two aqauriums?
 I will then ask the students questions about the problem. 1.)How many aquariums are there? The children will answer two. I will then draw two aquariums on the board. 2.)How many fish are in each aquarium? The children will answer six. I will then draw six fish in each aquarium. 3.)How many fish are there all together? The children will count the fish on the board. I will give them a couple minutes and then I will call on someone.
 -We will do one more problem together and then I will let the children work independently. -I will write another problem on the board for the students to work on by themselves. -The students may use the unifix cubes or base-ten unit blocks if they wish. -The students can also use the white boards or paper if they wish to draw it.
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