Lesson Plan : Increasing Speed with Addition and Subtraction

Teacher Name:
 Catey Rogacki
 Grade 2

 Adding and Subtracting!
 ~Learning addition tables ~Learning subtraction tables ~Completing your own tables ~Timed A+S table tests
 ~Know your addition and subtraction tables ~Increase the speed in which you complete them ~Learn to not count on your fingers (MEMORIZE!) ~Have fun while learning!
 ~Increase your speed and accuracy week to week ~Be confident in your answers ~Help others if you can
 ~FLASHCARDS! -utilize the ones in the classroom -make ones to use at home if needed ~Timed A+S table tests ~Lots of pencils and erasers ~PowerPoint Presentations
 ~Adding and Subtracting is used all the time! -You can count anything and everything you want ~Start with timed A+S tests -Doesn't matter how many you finish or how many you get right -Let's me know what everyone already knows so I know where to focus ~Groups based on speed and accuracy -Those that need a little more help will go together -Those that are faster go together
 ~Day to day lessons will be done via PowerPoint and some white board use ~Timed A+S table tests done weekly ~Hands on learning -Adding objects in the room to start -Intended progression will make it so they can add and subtract in their heads and won't need visuals
 ~Flashcards for each pair of students -help each other learn ~Make flashcards to use at home ~Timed A+S tables in class for practice and tests weekly ~Examples on boards answered by kids
 ~groups split according to speed, accuracy and overall knowledge of the material
Checking For Understanding:
 ~Weekly timed table tests -look for improvement ~Correct answers given in class
 ~Review basic A+S procedure at the end of class ~Ask whole class basic problems and have them answer out loud
 ~Record progression in grade book ~Give stickers each week students get more than 5 more problems done and correct than they did the week before
Teacher Reflections:

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