Subject and Predicate Worksheets

The subject is the focus of every sentence. It is either the whom or what of the sentence. The predicate expands the subject and tells about it. In many cases, the predicate is the action in the sentence. For example, Mike ate all the chips. The subject is Mike and the predicate is eating all the chips.

Subjects and Predicates
A simple identification activity for you.

Find the Subjects and Predicates
This version is slightly more difficult to understand.

Make Sentences With Mixed Subjects and Predicates
This is a wonderful activity for students.

Reading Sentences For Subjects and Predicates
A quick review and practice sheet.

Long Subjects and Predicates
The predicates are longer in this one.

Underlining the Subject and Predicate
We get into finding the exact part.

Illustrate Subjects and Predicates
Students love this one because it is fun!

Simple and Complete Subjects
A very basic activity that is helpful when you are starting the unit.