Fact and Opinion Worksheets

Facts are statements that are either backed up directly by evidence or where evidence can easily be retrieved to prove it. Opinions are statements that are based on feelings, past experiences, or emotions. It is similar to the fiction versus nonfiction argument. Since the advent of the Internet, most learning standards have been leaning towards favoring facts. That makes a great deal of sense.

Prove It!
This is a fun one! If it is a fact, just tell how you can prove that it is.

Identifying Fact and Opinion
Decide if there is enough evidence to validate something as a fact.

Write A Fact and an Opinion
We give you a theme and you write a fact based and opinion based sentence.

Explaining Fact and Opinion
If it's a fact, explain how you could tell.

F or O? Fact or Opinion?
Simple determination of the point behind a sentence.

Why Is It A Fact Or Opinion?
A deep look into the focus of a series of sentences.

Proof of Facts
How do you know it's a fact?

Using Both Fact and Opinion
This exact skill was a substantial part of a recent national core assessment. You probably want to cover this one.

Is it a fact or an opinion? Worksheet Version 1
We list random and common facts and opinions.

Is it a fact or an opinion? Worksheet Version 2

Compare and Contrast Worksheets
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Following Directions Worksheets
See if your students are paying attention to detail or just going through the motions.

Making Predictions Worksheets
We give you a scenario, you tell us what happens next.

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