What Exactly Are Sight Words?

Sight words are a series of words that students should be able to recall automatically. They are usually learned in a rote fashion (flash cards). Most sight words can't be sounded out easily, so it is critical that students can recall these words easily.

Below you will find a set of teacher tested word lists by grade level. We then use these words in various activities to make students become more familiar with them.

Dolch Sight Word Worksheets

Sight Word - Word Lists

Complete Dolch Sight Word List Preschool Through Grade 3
All the most recognizable words for your classes. Here is a complete list of every major word that just about every organization cites as critical to literacy.

Preprimer Dolch Sight Word List
These are often referred to as Preschool sight words. If you can enter Kindergarten knowing these words cold, you have a good start ahead of you.

Primer Dolch Sight Word List
Leveled for Kindergarten curriculum. These are words that you want to master before entering first grade. If you can have them down before the end of Kindergarten, you are rolling along.

First Grade Dolch Sight Word List
A series of common words that you should know like the back of your hand. The first grade words start to add bigger words with more letters than the primers. These are also hard to sound out.

Second Grade Dolch Sight Word List
The words get larger and size by gaining more letters. We see that most Literacy programs are moving students to learn these words earlier, but they are leveled at grade two. Our motto, forget grade level and learn as much as you can at any age.

Third Grade Dolch Sight Word List
The list of words that everyone should master before transitioning to routinely taking national literacy exams. You should have these words mastered by the middle of grade 3 to make the transition to grade 4 easier.

List of Sight Phrases
You will find two pages of phrases that really make reading easier, if you know them. You will find two pages of phrases that should be automatic for you when developing as a reader.

Compound Sight Word List
We show you a list of words that are smashed together that are critical for you. These are compound words that you should automatically know without any outside help or sounding them out.

Sight Words List of the Most Common Nouns
These come in very handy often. Common people, places, or things that you need to know and have memorized. You will see a few of these in the grade leveled lists too.

Preprimer Sight Word - Word Search
We take your words and make an oversized puzzle for you. You will find two pages with large letters. The word bank is on page two. We do this so that you ask the kids to find the words first, without the word bank.

Preprimer Sight Word Letter Fills Worksheet
Awesome spelling and recall activity for students. This is a great activity for spelling and remembering words. I switched to using this method in my classes and my spelling scores went up too. I feel there is a strong correlation.

Preprimer Sight Word Secret Decoder Worksheet
Remember the secret decoder rings? This one is based on that concept. At this level students will be a bit confused on the first one. Do it with them, then they will fly through the rest of it.

Preprimer Sight Word - Word Scramble Worksheet
We jumble up the words for you to straighten out. Have fun unscrambling the sight words. This is tricky for preschool kids, but very rewarding.

Primer Sight Word - Word Search Worksheet
We are up to Kindergarten words. Again this one is in two pages to separate the word bank from the puzzle. Try it without the word bank first. We work on finding our vocabulary words in the puzzle. It really helps for recall and spelling.

Primer Sight Word - Letter Fill Spelling Worksheet
This activity really helps spelling recall and mastery. A wonderful spelling activity for Kindergartners. Fill in the letters to spell it out.

Primer Sight Word - Word List Secret Decoder Worksheet
A neat activity to get students in the routine of reordering letters. This activity is helpful as a primer for brain teasers and thinking outside of the box for the first time.

First Grade Sight Word - Word Search
The puzzle page is extremely large with plenty of working room. The are a ton of words on this one. We cover the most frequently used words.

First Grade Sight Word Spelling Letter Fills
Thanks to Becky K. for your feedback on this one. Her class enjoys using this worksheet. Fill in all the letters to complete the words. Each line is missing just one letter.

First Grade Sight Word - Word Scramble
This is a core skill for students they will often be a little confused at first. Walk them through it. Rearrange those letters all you can to make thpse sight words come to life.

Second Grade Sight Word - Word Search
This one uses words in new ways. See if you notice it. Give page one to students first. Let them find as many words as they can. Then give them the word bank to see if they missed any words and can find them.

Second Grade Sight Word - Spelling Letter Fills
Fill up those columns and fill up those words as quick as you can. Letters fills really help you remember word spellings and word parts. It's a great way to practice your words.

Second Grade Sight Words - Word Scramble
We mix the letters all around and ask you to get them back to their starting arrangement. Play with the letters and see if you can make out the words that you have up there. An answer key can be found on page two.

Third Grade Sight Word - Word Search
You can stop giving them the word bank at this point. But it is available, if you would like them to have it. Find all the words in the puzzle. You can either provide the kids with a word bank or let them run it themselves. I would at least tell them how many words they should look for.

Third Grade Sight Word Spelling Sheet
You can make this one a contest for speed. Another great letter fill. You would think that by grade 3 students have out grown this activity, but I find it to be very beneficial to them.

3rd Grade Sight Word - Word Scramble
Rearrange all the letters as quick as possible. A really neat tool to have handy often and always. We rearrange the letters to find our sight words. This is the last one of the bunch.

Words Of The Week- Printable Vocabulary
Here is a helpful series of sheets that are very closely related.