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The Best Way to Learn New Vocabulary

If you wanted to know "What is the best way to learn new vocabulary?" you have come to the right place. Here you will learn about the easiest and best ways of boosting your English language acumen.

Why Learn New Vocabulary?

Articulating yourself can help you out in so many different ways. It will help you academically and professionally; it will also elicit the adulation of friends and family alike. You will sound more erudite and suave with your rich flow of eloquence wherever you go. And from a purely pragmatic perspective, it will help you elucidate exactly what you have in mind.

Best Approach Towards Learning New Words

Boosting vocabulary is paramount for bolstering your language proficiency.
This entails a 2-step rudimentary approach.

1. Make it easy and fun.

2. Put your new words into practice.

The best way to learn new vocabulary or anything else is to make it fun.
If you relish something that you need to do, there is a greater likelihood that you will continue doing it well into the future.

Another key factor to bear in mind is to make it as easy as possible. Whether it is learning vocabulary or something else, just take it one small step at a time. Once you regularly do it, you can slowly raise the bar and start learning more each day.
You also have to put your new words into practice so that they are indelibly entrenched in your memory.

Best Solution to Learning New Words

How do you make vocabulary learning easy and fun? And how do you put your newly acquired words into practice?

One great idea is to download a feature-rich vocabulary learning app since we are so enamored with tech these days (who isn't?). Here are some of the most top-rated vocabulary apps that can boost your language prowess.

English Vocabulary - 90,000 Words with Pictures

When an app is rated as the "App of the Year" by none other than Facebook, then you know that you are looking at an extraordinary app that merits further attention.
Not many other apps can claim the English Vocabulary app's bragging rights.

You can go at your own pace with this versatile app. The app is loaded with audiobooks, ebooks, flashcards and games so that vocabulary learning can be as easy and fun as you like. Plus, you will get a lot of practice with these superlative features.

Another nice in-app feature is creating a list of words that you find confusing.
You can pick from easy, intermediate or advanced level difficulty to get started at the level that's right for you.

One major issue with learning words is understanding proper enunciation. It is barely worth learning a new word only to mispronounce it later on and embarrass yourself.
Thankfully, this app can help you out since it can read aloud words that you are unsure about. Say goodbye to mispronunciations.

There is a huge library of pictures as well. So with a multifaceted approach that entails visual as well as aural input, you can be confident that newly acquired words will be seared deep into your memory.

The app also shows the context and usage for all words that it defines. Hence, you can put these words into practice and really gain profound insights into their meanings and usage.


Not too far behind is vocabulary.com. This stellar app is based on the prestigious award-winning site vocabulary.com.

The app boasts an efficacious learning style thanks to its addictive games and myriad fun-filled features that are sure to expand and reinforce your vocabulary.
The app is designed to build students' vocabulary at a blistering rate with games and activities that they are bound to relish. The app leverages a futuristic AI-based approach to fine-tune and optimize your learning experience. Here is how it works.

The app asks pertinent questions about newly acquired words. It then analyzes your input to ask further questions that will consolidate your learning. In other words, the app gauges your understanding of new words to present educational content that is most expedient for you. As space-age as it sounds, you will have to take their word for it, given the numerous accolades that this preeminent site has garnered over the years.

Vocabulary Builder - Test Prep

Leveraging this app, students can concomitantly prepare for the GRE and SAT. The app will empower them to tackle the English section with panache. The app will also be of great use for those taking their TOEFL. The app may be simpler and a bit limited in scope compared to the class-leading apps mentioned above. But it works really well as manifested by its superior rating. The gamified approach ensures that new words will be firmly entrenched in your memory. Plus, audio files are available for all words mentioned so that you can be sure of their pronunciation. Besides definitions, you can peruse innumerable example sentences to fathom their context, use and meaning.

You can also visit the blog to ace your SAT, GRE or TOEFL. The blog is a rich repository of study tips, hints and tricks to excel in your tests. Furthermore, courtesy of this blog, you can deepen your reading comprehension skills and boost your quantitative reasoning ability. This will allow you to perform better in these tests' reading and comprehension sections. For the reasons mentioned above, if you are taking TOEFL, GRE and/or SAT, then using this app AND reading the blog is highly recommended.

Bottom Line

Your students can hone their language skills by learning words and expanding their vocabulary. With the approach delineated above, they will become avid learners of the English language since it espouses app-based learning. Using superb apps on their beloved smartphones will be a great motivation factor. These apps are a surefire way of helping your students develop a penchant for learning new words.