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  1. Dribbling - Why is it important to be able to dribble a basketball with your head up and eyes looking forward?
  2. Exercise for Life - Students produce a video that demonstrates health risk factors and how the controllable health risk factors can be reduced through regular exercise.
  3. Frisbee : Learning to Throw - Learning to throw using One Step technique.
  4. Football Toss and Catch - Students will understand the game of football and the physical requirements needed to play in recreational football games or activities.
  5. Fundamental 3 Skills of Volleyball - The students will learn how to properly forearm pass, overhead pass and the underhand and overhand serve and be able to execute including those students with a physical handicap such as a wheelchair.
  6. Fundamentals of Softball - Students will be given key terms and be able to define each one.
  7. Get In Shape: Exercise Daily - The students begin the lesson with four exercises. Next, the students rest for a few minutes and then run one lap around the physical education field. After resting, students will complete the lesson with a four minute aerobic dance.
  8. Heart Throbs - Students predict what might happen to their pulse rates after physical exertion and then make conclusions about the effects of physical activity on pulse rates.
  9. High Jump - To teach and resecure knowledge from previous years to jumping a greater height than the years previous.
  10. Introduction to Rope Jumping - Perform basic stretches to develop flexibility towards the performance of daily lifetime activities.
  11. It's Play Time - During this outdoor activity, students attempt to focus on several objects which causes them to move in different directions.
  12. Jump for Joy - Students learn the basic skills necessary to jump and land correctly to the rhythm of clapping or music.
  13. Kickball - The students will be introduced to Kickball and learn the rules and regulations of the team.
  14. Kickball : Bases Back - Kicking the ball properly with inside of foot or on the laces. Teamwork and sportsmanship.
  15. Loco Ladder Skills -This can be used as an instant activity using warm-up exercises,locomotor skills or various lead-up team sport activities. The teacher may use foam dice or math problems to decide which mode of beginning best suits the abilities of the class.
  16. Miniature Golf - An activity to be used with a golf unit or just for a fun game for the kids one day.
  17. Offensive Strategies of Soccer - The learner will demonstrate proper offensive strategies in a modified soccer game.
  18. Principles of Softball - Students will demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  19. Soccer Skills - Introduce students to the skills necessary to play a game of soccer.
  20. Sports for All - Students experience what it is like for students with special needs to participate in sports. They learn to make modifications for students with special needs.
  21. Tennis, Anyone? - Students develop various drills to enhance tennis skills. Students practice the drills and use self-assessment.
  22. Tennis Ball Scramble - Each ball must have different number on it. Each student is given a ball and then asked to remember the number.
  23. The Forearm Volleyball Pass - We will learn how to place set the ball.
  24. Tools of Engagement - The students will play a kickball game after they complete their running exercises.
  25. Volley Ball - The students and staff will be playing a volleyball game. The game will be the staff versus the students. This game will be played in the afternoon.
  26. Volleyball - The Pass and Set - We will be learning how to pass and set the volleyball.
  27. Volleyball Skills - The student will demonstrate an overhead pass, forearm pass, overhand serve, and underhand serve.
  28. Volleyball - Bumping, Setting, Spiking - Learning the techniques of bumping, setting, spiking and digging.
  29. Walking - The student would be shown the different ways in walking. Including walking in a straight line. Walking in a circle. Walking in step with partner. Walking relay.
  30. Wheelchair Basketball Shooting - The goal is for the student to understand the purpose of using the correct form while shooting the ball and to be able to consistently shoot a correct shot.
  31. Who's on First? - The students experience playing different positions in the outfield and learn the position numbers.
  32. Wiffle Ball - Great for starting the game.

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