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  1. E.T. Phone Home- "Students must come up with a communication plan and implement it to complete the challenge. "
  2. Flag Football 6 on 6 - Students will learn the skills to play a proper game of flag football while demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork.
  3. Foam Ball Passover- To encourage students to work together to accomplish a common goal.""
  4. Frogs and Ants- "This game is a cooperative game in which students have to help their fellow classmate in order for the game to continue. "
  5. Frostbite Invitational Round Robin - Pickleball is a simple paddle game, playing over a special perforated slow-moving ball over a tennis type net, on a badminton-sized court.
  6. Giant Puzzles- "To evaluate students ability to cooperate and learn together. "
  7. Holiday Game - Thanksgiving activity for physical education grades K-2.
  8. Hot Shot Basketball - Have the most points before the time runs out and make sure that the 2 best teams square off in the end.
  9. Intoduction to Football - To have a full understanding of the game of football.
  10. Introduction to Volleyball - Fundamentals of Forearm pass.
  11. Invent A Game- "To have students work cooperatively with each other. "
  12. Jump Rope Relay - Students will be able to individually perform non-locomotor stretches with and without a jump rope.
  13. Loop Da Hoop- "To have students practice cooperation skills as a group while working on a task "
  14. Matball - After completing this lesson, the students will: *Demonstrate kicking, throwing, catching,running, and dodging skills.
  15. Memory Ball - Students will be engaging in tasks of manipulation and stability which involves giving and receiving force from objects (throwing and catching) while the body remains in place.
  16. Mine Field- To have students experience the loss of their sight and to develop feelings for those less fortunate than them.
  17. Parachute Activities - TLW demonstrate movement control to purposely move in different ways in a large group without bumping into others and/or falling down.
  18. People Puzzles- "For students to practice using proper communication and cooperation skills."
  19. Power Volleyball - Students will gain a better understanding of Power Volleyball and the skills required.
  20. Radioactive River- "To work together as a team, show positive sports-personship and figure out solutions to the problems presented."
  21. Scootermania- "To help children understand how to work cooperatively with a partner. "
  22. Secret Handshake- "To give students an opportunity to cooperate with each other in a physical activity setting. "
  23. Sideline Soccer - Students will learn the basics of soccer by beginning with sideline soccer. Sideline soccer also allows more student involvement.
  24. Simple Football - How to play flag football.
  25. Slalom Blindfold- "Use positive interactions to plan and guide teammates "
  26. Sneak Attack- "To encourage cooperation and use of offensive and defensive strategies. "
  27. The Bus- "To help students cooperate when completing physical challenges. "
  28. The Rules of Flag Football - Students will learn how to work together to accomplish a goal, while using sportmanship.
  29. Titanic Challenge- "To foster positive cooperative/communication skills and strategy development. "
  30. Triangle Tag- "To have students work together and practice their chasing, fleeing, and dodging skills. Suggested Grade Level "
  31. Twisted Sisters Disco Inferno- "To have students work together to solve a problem. "
  32. Two-Hand Touch Football (GYM) - Students will learn the correct skills needed to play football.
  33. Ultimate Frisbee - The game of ultimate frisbee will be played on a regular gym floor using your basketball out of bounds lines on the end as your touchdown line.
  34. VOLLEYBALL ACTIVITY - Create a game which the student and compete against one another.
  35. Volleyball and Modified Volleyball - The goal of this topic is to introduce the game of Volleyball to all students.
  36. Volleybomb - Students will serve the volleyball correctly without a line fault and get it over the net to their desired target.

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